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Need a new key, are locked out of your car, or have an ignition problem? Trust the experts at Pro Keys Locksmith.

In an emergency situation? Call us now, we can help!

Ignition repair

Our services include identification of ignition problems, ignition repair or replacement, broken key extraction, and more.

Unlock Car Doors

Whether you lost your key or forgot them inside, our skilled technicians can unlock your car and give the access back in no time.

Car Remote Duplication

Whether you’ve lost your key or damaged the remote, we can duplicate your key/remote on the spot that will come in handy even in emergencies.

Lost Car Key Replacement & Rekeying

We provide excellent car key or smart key replacement with a completely reprogrammed remote within an hour. Read More

Other auto services we offer:

Other auto services we offer:

Our Services Include:
Your go-to place for all car key solutions! No more searching; you've found the best spot!
Elevate your vehicle's security and convenience with our state-of-the-art transponder keys – the key to a safer tomorrow!
Experience unparalleled convenience and enhanced security with our cutting-edge remote car keys – your gateway to modern driving!
Ignite your journey with our precision-made ignition keys – the perfect start to every drive!
Lost your car key? Stay calm and rely on us – restoring access swiftly and ensuring you're back on track!
Trust our expert keymakers – crafting precision, reliability, and peace of mind, one key at a time!
Lost or damaged keys? Our car key replacement service ensures you're back on the road in no time!
Locked out? Breathe easy with our swift car lockout solutions – getting you back behind the wheel promptly!

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